Blue graffiti of summer

In case you were wondering, I was away for 10 days for a little time off and before that I was busy helping a friend who was working on an alternative fashion photo shoot. I was assisting him with finding the locations and arranging the photo set with props.

So, not that bad. I hung around some pretty models and cool people in funky locations. We had an exciting picture session in a small neighborhood in his hometown. We found a pretty picturesque spot with artistically decrepit abandoned buildings and some nice street art around. That reminded me this picture, which a friend sent me a year ago or so.


She took it in Berlin, around a street corner while walking around the city. Very light cool shades of ice blue, I’ve always liked this picture a lot, for its simple yet effortless pretty look.

That just made me google blue graffiti online and I was amazed of some of the beautiful pieces of art you can find around you. Like this Atlanta wall art that’s featured on Wikipedia


Or this close-up on one of the walls of a ride in an entertainment park I visited last year on the Jersey Shore.


So since it’s summer, go out and look around for some art. You don’t need to pay entrance fees to expensive museums or be a fancy expert photographer. You just need to keep your eyes open and enjoy what’s around you and take the right snapshot.