Music Albums’ Artwork – Still Got The Blue…

Sometimes I listen to blues music. Not very often. I tried to listen to it for years, because it’s “blue”. But in the end, it never really did it for me. I need something heavier, faster, louder.

So as I organize my CDs by album artwork’s color (and my books too, just in case anyone is wondering – yeah, basically, I color-sort everything I can – back to music before I digress on my color OCD tendencies…) I made a selection below of some of my favorites music album covers.


Now that I see them all put together like this, I see a theme of purple lingering around them too. Would it be the recipe to pleasing my eyes? Blue and purple all into one? (I am thinking about my recent Nebula post… Well, that’s interesting…)

Most of the songs from these albums are on what I call my iPod blue playlists. I have a rock one and a new wave one, the latter just for those odd days when I feel dark gloomy blue instead of rocking blue.

I wish I had synesthesia and that my brain would make me automatically associate various shades of blue with different type of music. It would be quite cool to live my life in a perpetual blue-tinted world. In the meantime, I can always wear blue-tinted glasses, but that’s not the same. If anyone has synesthesia around here, I would be interested in hearing what music or things / words / numbers / whatever they associate with blue.