Blue alien ladies

As I said in the about section of this site, I’ve been collecting blue pictures since many years. I gather mainly abstract blue snapshots, but also nature themed pictures. On the side, I have a quite a few uncategorized blue-themed photos and digital artworks too.

Anyway, I was recently reorganizing my digital blue collection on my pc and I wanted to share here my top 3 favorite blue aliens.

Third spot on my podium: this Avatar-like female creature


An unknown beauty I came across online, maybe on DeviantArt. She is more human-like than the real Avatar characters in the movie and I like particularly the make-up design on her face and her purplish lips. It’s a good thing her eyes are closed as I am not sure I could focus much on the picture and its details if she had them open. I imagine deep dark eyes with gold or silver speckles in the iris looking straight at me.

Second place goes to this unknown blue alien beauty


I am afraid I cannot give the necessary credits for this one. I found this pictures years ago through a random google search about blue aliens. The picture was listed on a website showing some of the best creations you could admire at a world body painting festival in Austria. I do not know who the model is nor who did the beautiful body painting on her (if anyone knows, please speak up) but I have spent long moments looking at her out on my pc screen and hoping that she would somehow one day pop out of the digital world and walk into my front door. Not happened yet, am still hopeful, though.

Finally, first place will have to go to Mystique, from the X-Men series


First a disclaimer. I have not seen any other movies with Rebecca Romijn-Stamos. I have no clue if she is a good or versatile actress but frankly I don’t need anything else than seeing her made-up from head to toe as Mystique in the X-Men franchise. This must be the most charming and spellbinding female blue alien I have ever seen. I wish I could touch her skin and feel what it is like to slide my fingertips up and down her scales… It probably feels as cool as touching a shark. And I like sharks – a lot.

I am not picky about my fantasies and therefore, besides the above “real” ladies, I would also admit a soft spot for the smooth skin cartoon version of Mystique…



PS: If anyone reading this knows more about the creators or artists behind the first two pictures, please let me know and I will gladly refer to them in the post for the well-deserved credits.