Eleven Blue Egyptians

It may look strange to have a blue collection and even stranger to decide to display part of it on the internet through a blog but I find a selfish pleasure in showcasing this online and I hope this can pass for eye candy for the people reading this blog as well.

I had a blue collection when I was a kid as well. It was not the digital world back then, so my (small) collection consisted of clips from magazines and paper ads. I would cut out bits of blue in various shades or showing different textures, like feathers or fish scales. I kept them in a big folder with plastic pages where I could slide them and browse through them.

Besides photography, in general, I will be attracted to anything related to the color blue. Another quirk of mine, which is more related to my personality, is that I have this ever-present need to classify and sort and organize and select things, so I am thinking I’ll give in to my categorization passion in the coming weeks and will present a selection of my favorite music albums with blue artwork on the cover.

And to take us to the week-end, I am linking here below one of my favorite instrumental rock guitar pieces. Of course, it’s blue-themed… The song is called Eleven Blue Egyptians by the great guitarist Jason Becker.

The album cover is not really blue, as you can see from the YouTube link so I had to make a quick picture collage yesterday to accompany it on the blog.

11 Blue Egyptians

There are more than 11 Egyptians on there but it doesn’t matter, I thought it looked cool the way it’s put together, and the more, the merrier! Hope you enjoy the music…