Music Albums’ Artwork – Still Got The Blue…

Sometimes I listen to blues music. Not very often. I tried to listen to it for years, because it’s “blue”. But in the end, it never really did it for me. I need something heavier, faster, louder.

So as I organize my CDs by album artwork’s color (and my books too, just in case anyone is wondering – yeah, basically, I color-sort everything I can – back to music before I digress on my color OCD tendencies…) I made a selection below of some of my favorites music album covers.


Now that I see them all put together like this, I see a theme of purple lingering around them too. Would it be the recipe to pleasing my eyes? Blue and purple all into one? (I am thinking about my recent Nebula post… Well, that’s interesting…)

Most of the songs from these albums are on what I call my iPod blue playlists. I have a rock one and a new wave one, the latter just for those odd days when I feel dark gloomy blue instead of rocking blue.

I wish I had synesthesia and that my brain would make me automatically associate various shades of blue with different type of music. It would be quite cool to live my life in a perpetual blue-tinted world. In the meantime, I can always wear blue-tinted glasses, but that’s not the same. If anyone has synesthesia around here, I would be interested in hearing what music or things / words / numbers / whatever they associate with blue.


Nebula will be back – Yeah!

If you read my first post on this blog (and if you did not, do yourself a favor and go check it out), you probably guessed I have a weak spot for blue female aliens. So I was excited to read that Nebula, the pretty purple-clad and blue-skinned ninja style fighter that you saw in the 2014 movie Guardians of the Galaxy will be back in the sequel to be released in Spring 2017.

I have to admit I did not know the comics character before seeing her in that movie. Browsing online on the original comics where she appears, I think I prefer the rendition of how she looks in the movie where she is played by Karen Gillan.


She wouldn’t be in my top 3 fantasy girls (again, see first post on the blog, in case you’re wondering what I’m talking about…) but she is quite badass and I definitely needed to showcase her on this blog as she deserves a little spotlight in my world of blue.

So what do you think? Too tough to be attractive or too strongly attractive? Resistance could be futile in her case…


Blue graffiti of summer

In case you were wondering, I was away for 10 days for a little time off and before that I was busy helping a friend who was working on an alternative fashion photo shoot. I was assisting him with finding the locations and arranging the photo set with props.

So, not that bad. I hung around some pretty models and cool people in funky locations. We had an exciting picture session in a small neighborhood in his hometown. We found a pretty picturesque spot with artistically decrepit abandoned buildings and some nice street art around. That reminded me this picture, which a friend sent me a year ago or so.


She took it in Berlin, around a street corner while walking around the city. Very light cool shades of ice blue, I’ve always liked this picture a lot, for its simple yet effortless pretty look.

That just made me google blue graffiti online and I was amazed of some of the beautiful pieces of art you can find around you. Like this Atlanta wall art that’s featured on Wikipedia


Or this close-up on one of the walls of a ride in an entertainment park I visited last year on the Jersey Shore.


So since it’s summer, go out and look around for some art. You don’t need to pay entrance fees to expensive museums or be a fancy expert photographer. You just need to keep your eyes open and enjoy what’s around you and take the right snapshot.

Eleven Blue Egyptians

It may look strange to have a blue collection and even stranger to decide to display part of it on the internet through a blog but I find a selfish pleasure in showcasing this online and I hope this can pass for eye candy for the people reading this blog as well.

I had a blue collection when I was a kid as well. It was not the digital world back then, so my (small) collection consisted of clips from magazines and paper ads. I would cut out bits of blue in various shades or showing different textures, like feathers or fish scales. I kept them in a big folder with plastic pages where I could slide them and browse through them.

Besides photography, in general, I will be attracted to anything related to the color blue. Another quirk of mine, which is more related to my personality, is that I have this ever-present need to classify and sort and organize and select things, so I am thinking I’ll give in to my categorization passion in the coming weeks and will present a selection of my favorite music albums with blue artwork on the cover.

And to take us to the week-end, I am linking here below one of my favorite instrumental rock guitar pieces. Of course, it’s blue-themed… The song is called Eleven Blue Egyptians by the great guitarist Jason Becker.

The album cover is not really blue, as you can see from the YouTube link so I had to make a quick picture collage yesterday to accompany it on the blog.

11 Blue Egyptians

There are more than 11 Egyptians on there but it doesn’t matter, I thought it looked cool the way it’s put together, and the more, the merrier! Hope you enjoy the music…

Blue alien ladies

As I said in the about section of this site, I’ve been collecting blue pictures since many years. I gather mainly abstract blue snapshots, but also nature themed pictures. On the side, I have a quite a few uncategorized blue-themed photos and digital artworks too.

Anyway, I was recently reorganizing my digital blue collection on my pc and I wanted to share here my top 3 favorite blue aliens.

Third spot on my podium: this Avatar-like female creature


An unknown beauty I came across online, maybe on DeviantArt. She is more human-like than the real Avatar characters in the movie and I like particularly the make-up design on her face and her purplish lips. It’s a good thing her eyes are closed as I am not sure I could focus much on the picture and its details if she had them open. I imagine deep dark eyes with gold or silver speckles in the iris looking straight at me.

Second place goes to this unknown blue alien beauty


I am afraid I cannot give the necessary credits for this one. I found this pictures years ago through a random google search about blue aliens. The picture was listed on a website showing some of the best creations you could admire at a world body painting festival in Austria. I do not know who the model is nor who did the beautiful body painting on her (if anyone knows, please speak up) but I have spent long moments looking at her out on my pc screen and hoping that she would somehow one day pop out of the digital world and walk into my front door. Not happened yet, am still hopeful, though.

Finally, first place will have to go to Mystique, from the X-Men series


First a disclaimer. I have not seen any other movies with Rebecca Romijn-Stamos. I have no clue if she is a good or versatile actress but frankly I don’t need anything else than seeing her made-up from head to toe as Mystique in the X-Men franchise. This must be the most charming and spellbinding female blue alien I have ever seen. I wish I could touch her skin and feel what it is like to slide my fingertips up and down her scales… It probably feels as cool as touching a shark. And I like sharks – a lot.

I am not picky about my fantasies and therefore, besides the above “real” ladies, I would also admit a soft spot for the smooth skin cartoon version of Mystique…



PS: If anyone reading this knows more about the creators or artists behind the first two pictures, please let me know and I will gladly refer to them in the post for the well-deserved credits.